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Welcome to Outdoor Furnace
Distributing LLC.
We are an authorized retail and wholesale dealer
of HeatMasterSS outdoor wood and coal furnaces
in Floyd, Va.
Our distribution lot in beautiful Floyd County, Va.
Delivering renewable and affordable heat since 1997
Upcoming Events:

Highland Co. Maple
McDowell, VA
March 13 & 14,
20 & 21
C series info
Read the new EPA regs
for outdoor wood
HeatMaster Videos:
-MF Series Review
-Fuel Types
-HeatMaster SS Youtube
Coal is available at Blue Ridge
Barns in Floyd, Va 540-745-5035
Foam Works. A local foam insulation
Final EPA rule is now here and
the wood heating industry will
change very soon. The next
few months are your last
chance for a conventional
outdoor wood furnace.
Browse through these links for more info on HeatMaster SS
furnaces, heating ideas, etc.
Reviews from Heatmaster owners on Lots of other info too!
Factory Tour Video.
See how HeatMaster
furnaces are made.