Furnace Pricing
MF 2000e
$4,900 +tax  
C 125
$5,500 +tax
WF4000 while they
$5,200 +tax
MF 5000
$6,600 +tax
C 250
$7,200 + tax
MF 5,000e
$7,500 +tax
C 375
$8,200 +tax
MF 10,000
$8,500 +tax
MF 10,000e
$9,500 +tax
MF 20,000e
$13,995 +tax
G 100
$7,500 +tax
G 200
$9,500 + tax
G 400
$12,500 +tax
Spring 2015 Price List
* Furnace price is after Heatmaster's rebates
and discounts.
MF series are multifuel (wood & coal) with grate and
ashpan. E-models are high efficiency grated
furnaces. C series are triple bypass high efficiency
grated units. G series are EPA Phase II qualified
ultra efficiency downdraft gasification units.

Model #'s (MF & WF series) are roughly equal to
the sq. footage the unit will heat (if well insulated).

C & G series model #'s are rated by max. BTU's.
G series and MF 20,000e's are special
order units. Call and we can add them
to our next load.
We are expecting shortages on some models as the
new EPA ruling is phased in this summer and fall. Some
units will no longer be available once existing inventory
is sold out.